We Build Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Technologies is part of the Myers family of companies with over twenty years of experience.

We employ the finest construction methods to bring our clients the most robust cellar environments. Our Construction Services include the full range of construction services required to build the most demanding cellars. We have capabilities ranging from the simplest residential cellar rack to the most complex commercial application for the finest restaurants.

Part of the Myers Family of Companies

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Design / Construction

Cellar Construction

Construction of a Wine Cellar is fundamentally different than regular rooms, so being specialists really makes ? difference in our finished product. The success of your project and the integrity of the room is based on our specialized knowledge of dewpoints, electrical and mechanical systems, and updated aesthetic and design trends and products.

Ranking Systems

We will design your racking system to incorporate your unique storage and aesthetic requirements. Knowing the available storage rack styles, their benefits and limitations, along with our specialized knowledge of different woods, lacquers, stains will allow von to tailor your cellar racking system to suit your wine storage needs, while making a beautiful aesthetic statement of lasting value.

Cooling Systems

If desired, we can use our technical knowledge to properly design a wine cellar cooling system to accommodate your wine storage needs. This is a very specialized part of the IVAC world-there aren't many firms with the experience and knowledge needed to do this the right way-we are one of the few!


While the technical aspects of proper cellar design and construction are crucial, we want your cellar to look fantastic! Our experienced trim carpenters are some of the best around in their field-there isn't anything we can't do in wood-so we always incorporate beautiful and exciting trim details into our cellar designs. Built up crowns, two piece base moldings, casings, T&G paneling, raised panel details, stone countertops, tile, faux finishing, custom doors-our only limit is your imaginationi

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